Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Every Sandal Has a Story

Heather over at Sit a Spell recently posted (like yesterday I think) about an incredible company called Sseko Designs. Sseko was created by Liz, a woman who--get this--saw a need and did something about it. Novel idea, I know. What about that concept do I not get? Anyway--back to Sseko.

The need she saw was this: Ugandan women needing a way to earn money to continue their education. You can read more about it here.

Sseko is a "not just for profit" organization (don't you love that!) Liz broke out of that false dichotomy that says you can either make money or do good. Why not both? Why choose between helping those in need, improving a local economy, and making a quality product when you can do it all?

I ordered a black pair because I'm so adventurous, but there are so many cute patterns to choose from. So go check out Sseko Designs and we can all be cute and socially responsible together!


Blossom Snodgrass said...

Those are some of the cutest shoes I have ever seen! Perhaps I can convince my husband to purchase a pair as an early christmas or birthday present for me. :)

Kevin and Misty said...

love them...thanks for sharing!

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