Friday, September 26, 2008

Just in Time for Reformation Day

I made these onesies last year for Asher and his buddy, Josiah. I had several people afterwards tell me that they would like one and with Reformation Day approaching, I have decided to make a few more up. Here is the design since the picture above is a little blurry.

I can make them as a onesie or a t-shirt, so if you are interested, email me at jamierives at hotmail dot com. If you are local, we can arrange a pick-up and if not, I can mail it to you.

I really would like the price to be $15.17 but that seems a bit exorbitant for a t-shirt. So let's say $8 (tee or onesie.)

I'll take orders until October 17.

1 comment:

Mamaw said...

Big shout-out to Judah K. Rives!!!! Happy 2nd month living outside in the world of Claytons Corners. WOO HOO! I love you lots and lots

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