Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Few Pictures

To begin, a sweet smile from the little man. They are more and more frequent, I am pleased to report. I attribute it to his new-found love of his fist which makes getting to sleep and staying that way oh so easy. Rested Jude=Happy Jude.

The really great beach pictures are still on my sister-in-law's memory card, so you'll have to wait on those, but here are a few that I took over the past few weeks.

This was Asher's first time on the beach. He loves sandboxes so you can only imagine his delight with a whole beach!

He loved the water, too. The waves were really big our first day there. I think there was a hurricane or something in the Gulf... Anyway, he would have run headlong into the ocean if we would have let him. Fearless, that little one is.

Jude and his cute daddy as we were out shopping.

Thankfully, Asher will still fall asleep anywhere. He had his fill of shopping.

Asher riding a shark at the play area at the shopping center.

He enjoyed the splashpad, too. He would stand over the jets in the ground that shoot up water and call out, "Waa-waa! Waa-waa!" as if he was calling the water forth. Then he would jump back and grin when the water came out, as if he caused it to happen.

Asher's favorite thing to do was to sit in the water and feel the tide draw the water backk all around him.

This is our "manny." Actually, it's my brother who we allowed to ride home with us on the condition that we would take care of the kids for me. That lasted about 30 minutes.

More pictures to come!

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Serg and Lis said...

Looks like a great trip! :)UGH--wish the sand in Galveston were that nice!

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