Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Grace Upon Grace

Well I'll just go ahead and tell you right now what my point is. My point is I. AM. SORE.

For reasons still unclear to me, I accepted an invitation from my friend, Wendy, to attend Dirt Bag Boot Camp, which she runs. It was on a total whim that I made this decision. I've never wanted to go boot camp. I've never even thought about going to boot camp. And yet, I find myself at boot camp. At 5 o'clock. In the morning. Cheryl accepted the challenge, too. And now we can't quit because we both have this intense need to show the other mean, finish what we start. Yeah...that's it.

In all honesty, as painful as these past 3 days have been (only 17 more to go!) it has felt good to try to do something challenging. I have run more in the past three days than in the past three years. I told Cheryl I sort of bragged a little to various people that I lost all my baby weight without doing any cardio (just strength and flexibility training) but I was wishing that first day I would have hit the treadmill a time or two. I wished it the second day, too. And about my fourth time up the 6 story parking garage this morning, I wished it again. It's good to regain a little lung capacity. And all the other stuff besides the cardio--I can't even talk about it right now. It's too soon. I might cry. (My point: I already told you. I'm sore.)

I had a conversation with Asher that went something like this this morning:

A--Mom! There's something BAD happening outside right now!
Me--Oh no! What! (said in my best fake-concerned voice as I could hear Jude playing nicely and as long as that is happening, how bad could whatever it is really be?)
A--There is a FLY on our LETTUCE! And I sang this song to it: "Shoo, fly! Don't bother our lettuce." and it would not go away.
Me--Well maybe it's not familiar with that song. Maybe you need to actually shoo it away. Not all flies pick up on subtle hints in the form of folk songs.
A--I did! And it just went more into the lettuce.

(My point: Four year olds are pretty funny.)

Simeon pulled up on the coffee table today for the first time today! He smiled at me with a "well this is a skill that's going to come in handy" look on his face. (My point: Where did my baby go?)

I'd write more, but I am conserving the rest of my energy for tomorrow. When I will wake up at 5 o'clock. In the morning.


Leo Longoria said...
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Lynn said...

Ok, now that I am signed in as myself instead of my husband . . . My point: YOU are funny! Thanks for making me laugh.

Patti said...

Why do those boot camp things always happen so early in the morning? Don't the real people in actual boot camps exercise all day long?

Harper yelled in from the backyard today that THERE ARE ANTS IN THE FLOWERBED WITH THE BEANSTALK! ARE THEY GOING TO EAT MY BEANS MOMMY? She and Asher can share some tactics next time we see you.

KathyLittle said...

Losing babyweight witout any cardio IS worth bragging about. Impressive!

I can't wait to see how hardcore you and Cheryl get from boot camp. Especially as I roll over and slap the snooze button one more time. ;)

Cheryl said...

Okay, Okay. I guess I'll write my WYPW (Thursday edition) now that you wrote one.
And yes, you are funny. But you are already know that.
And yes, I am just trying to show your fauxga butt that cardio is worth doing. But if it doesn't involve running I am certain you will take me. Out to lunch because I am totally winning.

Robin said...

I used to get up at 5 or 6am to do my P90X workout. It lasted 90 days, and that was pretty good for unmotivated, lazy me. Then Elliott came along, and I put a stop to all that nonsense.

Good luck with the rest of boot camp!

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