Thursday, May 13, 2010

Project Lemonade

This is what I have dubbed our backyard beautification project. It's a bit of a lemon back there. But not for long. As I have stated previously, this is the summer of embracing what we have and making it work. As you can tell, Jude is totally on board.

Step one was the planting of our little garden. I am so pleased to report that we have a tiny little pepper on one of the plants and the squash and tomatoes are beginning to flower.

Step 2 is creating some sort of patio or deck. That is still in the works. We're trying to decide what we want and what will be most cost-effective. I'm leaning towards a low wooden deck--a little more visually pleasing than just a plain concrete slab and probably a little less expensive. But since I will not be the one doing the work, it's not really my call. I serve in more of an advisory role.

Step 3 is putting up the canopy/gazebo thing we ordered. This will be placed over our hypothetical deck. Now, I must tell you, I have a very accommodating husband. There is very little the man will not do for me and do for me with a cheerful, willing heart. But I may have found his limit.

This is the hardware that came in the box for the assembly of the canopy.

He is not pleased.

But he gets to work anyway. Because THAT'S the kind of guy he is!

And that's basically it. Project Lemonade is modest in scope. We have the baby pools happening and Kris has the wood to build the sandbox. We have the boys' little picnic table out there and some outside toys. They are already having a blast.

Take this afternoon for example. As Kris was cutting out the canopy from its ridiculous amount of packaging, Asher and Jude were splashing around the baby pool and running through the sprinklers. What could be more fun, right?

Let's hear it for cheap plastic baby pools! Woo-hoo!


Kathryn said...

Another option is a brick foundation, like the one we just re-did in our backyard. Also, the other side of the yard is pavers. I'm not explaining this well, look at my blog. :-)

Patti said...

This is really going to change your life. I mean it. DO get some comfortable chairs to keep out there for you and Kris. And an ottoman or table for propping up your feet.

The only drawback to the wooden deck is that All Creatures of Our God and King like to live beneath them. ALL creatures.

Becca - said...

Love it!! We LIVE in our backyard! I'm sure you'll love it too......especially once the canopy is up! Can't wait to see what else you come up with!

hilarylarson said...

great idea, looks like loads of fun! love baby pools, we have owned about 30! :)

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