Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Yes, Jude Got a Haircut!

It was time. The curls were precious but they were getting a little out of hand. And Asher was starting to think he had a sister because people would comment on our cute little girl or tell him how pretty his "sister" was. Judah is pretty--gets it from his daddy--but that's not really the look we were going for.

So I took him to Snippets, a kids haircutting chain...against my better judgement, I might add. You aren't working at Snippets because you were at the top of your class in cosmetology school. But I wanted a kid-friendly and budget-friendly place. And since I used a coupon, I got both at Snippets. She did an "ok" job but since his hair has so much texture and curl, any uneveness kind of blends in. She was very sweet and patient though...almost as important as talent. Almost.

Everyone who sees him now comments on how grown up he seems. He changed from a baby into a little boy while sitting in that big pink chair. A little boy that doesn't leave the house without his lovey, mind you, but a little boy nonetheless.


christina said...

this post kills me. 1) because i used to work at snippets. and 2) because my boys are all grown up!

Lola says when travis gets a haircut (ala me) "he looks naughty."

i never worked at snippets.

Patti said...

I like how you keep posting pictures with interesting details in them that you don't bother to address. You should be writing for "Lost." I presume the next post will explain the shiner Jude is sporting.

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