Friday, January 16, 2009

Fourteen on Friday

Fourteen. Because ten is for Tuesdays and fourteen is the first number after that starts with an F. I admit fifteen would have been more visually pleasing to me, but I think I will have trouble coming up with fourteen things. So why make it even harder? Ok, here I go...

1. I ate a piece of toast with almond butter on it for breakfast this morning and it was delish.

2. I have adopted a new eating philosophy. This came about because I am always on a "plan" of some sort. Weight watchers, South Beach Diet, whatever. And I hate that so much of my energy goes into counting points or avoiding certain foods. So my new approach is two-pronged:
a)make good choices--instead of counting anything, I have started asking myself "Is this a good choice? Is this moving me towards my goal of being healthy and losing the last of the baby weight or not?"
b) stop eating so freaking much. I am not going to the chair. Eat to live, not vice versa.

3. I feel better about this plan and I also feel much less obsessive. And those are principles I want my kids to learn.

4. I love diet coke and froufy coffee creamers and refuse to give them up, even if they are full of toxins that are wreaking havoc on my body. Oh, Sonic! I will see you at some point today between the hours of 2 and 4 pm.

5. I want to read everything by Leif Enger now. Have I told you how much I loved Peace Like a River?

6. I just typed "Peace Like a Rives" above and had to correct it. Incidentally, Rives comes from a french word meaning "river dweller." Or at least that's what the "Rives Family Book" from says.

7. Asher has started calling us "my Mama" and "my Daddy." He now says things like, "Hi, my Daddy!" It's pretty cute.

8. Asher has a major crush on Saige Wimberly. I don't blame him--she's a cutie. We ran in to them at Chick-fil-a yesterday and when we told them to tell each other "bye" they said bye and gave each other a hug and then he went in for a kiss. He learned that move from his dad. So smooth.

9. I got a new camera for Christmas. It is a Nikon Coolpix and it takes WAY better pictures than my old camera. So as soon as I get around to downloading them, I will post some major pictorial cuteness.

10. Jude is a fat chunk of pure preciousness. That boy is as sweet as he can be and he melts my heart on a daily basis.

11. His hair is calming down a little. I have mixed emotions about that one.

12. This is birthday month for Kris. He will be 34 on the 30th!

13. He has a beard right now. Yet another picture I need to post. A little girl at his school told him that he should shave that off when he goes home. I like the beard. I am thankful it is not a goatee. Those of you who knew Kris pre-2004 know of what I speak.

14. I would like to go for a walk today but it is too cold. Jude is more anti-cold than me so I know he would be opposed to the idea. Maybe I will do the Walk Away the Pounds DVD. Who knows? Stranger things have happened.


Katelin and Jason Boles said...

sounds like a plan to me!!! i need to shed a few pounds myself.

Robin said...

Fourteen is very impressive.I think I would have just gone with four or five things.

Yay, a new camera! I was messing around with one of those the other day and thought it took pretty good pictures.

I have been in the mood to go running the past two days (I hate running), but I decided running in this freaking cold weather would be very unwise. So I stayed inside and ate cookies and played on the computer instead. I have very little will power at times.

Patti said...

"I am not going to the chair."
That is awesomeness and should be the title of the diet book you should pen.

Jamie Rives said...

"Stop Eating So Freaking Much" is just my working title so I will consider it.

hilarylarson said...

I am not giving up the creamers or diet coke either. have you tried diet coke with lime?

Lis said...

Give up the phenylalinine!!!! ;)

You are actually working against yourself! :( The chemical is known to make your brain want MORE food!!! You are WAY better off drinking the sugar from a regular Coka Cola than ANYTHING "diet." I was sad to give it up too but, now I can't stand the taste of that TOXIC CHEMICAL. Think about the poor neurons in your brain...and think about them linking the TOXIC CHEMICAL to cancer...and the extra else is it terrible for you...??? ;)
I think you are so on track with your thoughts about food!!! We should all think about food to live--as fuel. Good luck, you are disciplined so, I know you'll do well with your new lifestyle!!! Way to be a good example for your boys!!! :)

cheryl said...

The title of Patrick's dieting book is, "Put Down the Hotdog, Fatty." I am not going to the chair was pretty stinkin hilarious too!!
Oh and I think Saige has a bit of a crush on Asher too, she just plays the "I know I'm cute and I like the attention" bit when he's around. We'll have to keep our eye on them!
And lastly, Jude is precious, and what a joy for you to have someone in your family that looks like you - I don't know what that's like! Ha! :)

Jamie Rives said...

Lis--you know I love you, my all-natural friend! Keep witnessing to me ;) I just can't imagine life with no diet coke!!! Maybe one day...but not today ;)

Brad & Carrie said...

I've just finished losing the last of my prego pounds. I HATE diets. So I just started drinking a glass of water and eating an apple or carrot or something before I ate. Then I ate moderately until I wasn't hungry. It was great and I had tons of energy.

Good Luck!

chris, mitch, travis, baby cana said...

you are the funniest person i know...right now. but i meet lots of people daily, so....

i have to admit that i'm going upstairs to tell mitch your "i'm not going to the chair" line.

thanks for the giggles.

Lis said...

Give up the Phenylalaline!!!!!!

I love you too--I'll keep preaching for this reason!!!! ;)

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