Saturday, August 23, 2008

Two Sleeping Boys

That's what I've got at my house right now. We laid down for a nap at 2 and everyone but me is still zonked out. Love that!

So I thought I'd take this moment to, of course, blog. Laundry and floors...they can wait. with 2 under 2. It's actually not as scary as it sounds. There are moments of pure insanity, to be sure, but overall, it has been reall good. As my friend Susanna just pointed out on her blog, when you go from none to one, you also have to go through the reality of losing your freedom and ability to just pick up and go when you please. That was a hard transistion for me because I am s-e-l-f-i-s-h! But now, having already dealt with that and knowing what to expect, things are much easier.

I don't want to make it sound like it is a breeze because it isn't. I'm working pretty hard these days and on way less sleep. But I love those little boys!

Asher is doing great with his baby brother. We have to remind him to be gentle, but he is only 18 months old. I have to remind myself of that so my expectations of him stay real. I don't have to use the baby monitor because the second Asher hears a little whimper from Jude, he looks at me and says, "Baby! Baby!" He still is very into kissing him on the head and yesterday, as Jude was laying on his playmat, Asher brought him a bunch of books and put them all around him--just in case Jude wanted to do a little reading.

Jude is doing great, too. He is about 11 pounds now! The boy likes to eat! He is going through that unfortuante baby acne phase, but is still just adorable. He is a little heater and his head is always sweaty. He is also a little bit of a goofball--twice we have heard him start to scream that "I'm in serious pain!" scream only to discover that he had a fistful of his own hair and would not let go. Bless his heart. We have caught a few little smiles, but mostly just really intent stares. Oh, did I mention he likes to eat? I nurse him, but cannot keep up with his appetite so I supplement with formula. It's kind of a hassle to do both, but I want him to have all the immunities that he can get from me, but also have a full tummy. So meal time takes a while, but it is worth it.

We have been out and about quite a bit. It's funny how much sooner Jude has been out of the house. At just short of 2 weeks, he was already running the roads with us. I just leave him in his carrier and cover it with a blanket. I went out by myself a few days ago with both the boys to the new Target that opened up about a mile from our house (how awesome is that!) No one melted down so I felt that the trip was a success.

And now for the pictures...just some random shots for your enjoyment.

Sunglasses, a guitar shirt, and alligator house shoes. The boy's got style!

Asher and Jude (in matching outfits!) with their great-grandmother, Mimi.

Tummy time (of course he hates it.)

That's better!

Flaky skin and baby acne, but still so cute!

Adventures in learning to feed one's self.


hilarylarson said...

So sweet! Jude sounds like he eats like Will did (& still does!) I supplemented too, he was so happy. Loved seeing pics. :)

Serg and Lis said...

I'm trying to decide whom Jude looks like. I'm quick to say Kris but then....hmmmm....what are your thoughts? Are there any baby pictures of folks you think he looks like? Anyhew, he's cute, cute:)

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